Things to know about UAE culture before you travel there

Things to know about UAE culture before you travel there

UAE is united with the federation of the seven more countries. It also include the outstanding Abu Dhabi which has outstanding beaches, many beautiful architectures and luxurious hotels and restaurants. But if you want to enjoy your vacation you have to follow their culture. Before getting into any trouble you must have a look on the things that you should know about UAE


•    It is traditional

UAE is the country with islamic customs and even in Dubai as well. So in Dubai you have to dress humbly as the locals people do. People should wear dresses that cover their arms, and legs including the knees.

•    Public Display of Affection

You can get even arrested to hold hands in daylight and is also wrong according to the law to have same hotel having similar gender, except you have a firmly relation. Do remember that gay sex is against the law of UAE, if you perform such events you can get into prison, fines and also can get deported. In case you are a gay and want to spend your vacation in the hotel with your loved one, than you should book a hotel with two beds and it also will be explained to by the travel agency Abu Dhabi so don't get in trouble.

•    Pray pause

Many muslim are very particular about five times prayers a day and you can hear the melodious call from mosques. So the small shopkeepers can close their shops during prayer time. So no non-muslim can complain about it.has Muslims prays five times each day, and you can hear the pleasant, melodious call to supplication communicate from adjacent mosques. Listen and appreciate, however past that, there are no desires for non-Muslims. The small shopkeeper may close within prayer times.

•    Double-check your medications

You have to be very particular about the medical things you are carrying and have to check the restricted - substances list from a UAE office or government office. Furthermore, dependably convey a specialist's medicine for any drug you're bringing into the UAE.


 •    There is sizzling hot

UAE is very hot in regards to the climate. It is very difficult to have any cool breeze. In july and august it is more hot compared to any other months.

When the temperature in the UAE comes around 41 degrees.


As good as gold

The official currency of UAE is Dirham. All credit and debit cards are accepted all over the nation. But make sure to have cash with you to shop at local shops.

UAE is a beautiful place to visit, and you will have a great time here if you follow its culture.